I am an independent Polish historian-gone-anthropologist, specializing in history/anthropology of sexuality and gender. I pioneered research on such topics as sexual education of children and youth, sexual life of XIX century youth, prostitution and prostitutes in Poland in XIX/XX centuries, changing norms and models of sexuality in XIX and XX centuries. I did first Polish research on gender/totalitarianism topics: brothel set up in Auschwitz camp by Nazis and homosexuals in Auschwitz concentration camp. My new broad project, “The scientific construction and representations of lesbian in Poland since ca. 1870 till 1939 and individual biographies of non-heteronormative women”, is based on sources rarely or never used before by Polish academics.

My other field of interest are LBTQ topics. I co-created the first calendar of LBTQ presence in Polish history and started independent Queerstoria project (workshops, archive, testimonies) on its basis. I also prepared the report on situation on non-heterosexual women in Poland (1989-2009) for 1st Women's Congress. I did research on the presence of transsexual/transgender people in Polish society (partly on the example of public toilets), on lesbian sexuality (sadomasochism). Recently I started research in non-heteronormative relations, such as polyamory.

I carry out research and educational projects in queer sexuality (I was co-author and editor of When a Woman Loves a Woman – first polish LBT sex and intimacy handbook; I did workshops; I've edited polish translation of Ethical Slut by Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy and I just have translated Polyamory in XXIst Century by Deborah Anapol as a first Polish attempt to create gender-free language). I also researched such topics as feminist and queer pornography or connections between queer theory and modern neopagan spirituality. I participated in numerous academic conferences and seminars.

From 2011 I devote more attention to promoting conscious sexuality, sexual health and freedom in relationships. I work with the Foundation for the Promotion of Sexual Health as a sexual educator, I started studies in sexology and interdisciplinary studies in psychology and anthropology. I am a co-founder of e-magazine I took part in workshops for therapists, conducted by Gary Reiss and Sage Emery, Deborah Sundahl's workshop on the G-spot and female ejaculation and Poland's first Sexual Attitude Restructuring and Reassessment Training. I give lectures and workshops on polyamory, relationship anarchy, G area and female ejaculation.

I am also active in feminist and queer movement (among others as co-organizer of Warsaw feminist demonstrations Manifas since 2004; co-founder of Lesbian Coalition LBT - first Polish informal group standing for visibility of lesbians; c-founder of "Three Colours" online magazine, co-organizer of first FAQ! Queerotic Festival in 2007, Pussy Days in 2010, 2011, 2012, independent queer culture festival POMADA in 2010, 2011, 2012). I am also co-founder and collective member of UFA, first and only open independent queer sociocultural space in Poland.

In my artwork (photos, installations, screenplays, graphic novel scripts, short stories and a novel to be published) I focus on women and gender issues. I'm also a part of performative projects (co-founder of the first polish lesbian cabaret "Barbie Girls", member of "Orlando. The Trap? A Dream" team, co-founder of Hole in the Trinity cabaret together with writer Izabela Filipiak and Lilly Marie Lamar).

Professionally I am an editor and translator. I am a vegan and live with three cats, recently joined by a dog. I cultivate one permaculture garden at the outskirts of Warsaw.

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